@maddierachel: Hanging with Harry in PS

@maddierachel: Hanging with Harry in PS

Is it true Harry is going to coachella??? — Anonymous

I’m not sure if he is actually going festival, but he is in Palm Springs. My friend’s boyfriend was actually sitting next to Harry at the Madison Club in Palm Springs a couple of hours ago!! -M xx

@twinkyleeds: HES SO PRETTY


#HangWithLiamAndHarry - The Winners Story

HQ - Harry leaving Firehouse Private Members Club in London (3/4/14)


I know Kylea posted the same type of thing around a month ago, but I would just like to let you all know that most of us are still here, and I apologize for not being around as much to answer questions. I have been over whelmed with school and life, as I’m sure the other admins have been, so we haven’t been very keen on updating. Kylea posted some links to other blogs that are great blogs to follow, so in the mean time I would suggest visiting those for more regular updates. We’ll update as much as we can, but I can’t promise as much as we used to. 

If you’re really adamant about getting a question answered, you can always ask any of us on our personal blogs (I know I am on that one more frequently). 

Mine is matters-of-mind.tumblr.com, and Kylea’s is below!

Again, thanks for sticking with us! 

-M xxx

Hello! Project One is a campaign to unite Directioners in support of Malaria No More to buy $1 malaria treatments for children dying of malaria in Africa. Literally one dollar saves a life. We are doing this in honor of the boys that taught us how to make a difference and are taking their work they did with malaria for Comic Relief one step further! If you could please check out our most recent post and share it with your followers it would mean A LOT! We have already saved 11 lives! Thank you! — projectonewwa-admin

That’s amazing! Guys, check this out! -M xx

y 1dalerthq:

Zayn at the Demi (ft LM and 5H) concert tonight! (via @BOPandTigerBeat)


Zayn at the Demi (ft LM and 5H) concert tonight! (via @BOPandTigerBeat)

Is alcohol sold at 1d concerts? — Anonymous

It depends on the venue, but at basically at the concerts I go to, alcohol is sold if you’re of legal drinking age.


hi everyone!
i used to be an admin on this account, but obviously, none of us admins have posted really anything on this account lately! partly because the boys are on a break right now, but mainly because I think none of us were really into it anymore. But I know we have a lot of loyal followers, and I can’t speak on behalf of any of the other girls, but I just wanted to let you know that once the boys are together again, I’m going to try regularly updating you guys on 1D.

in the mean time, there are many other wonderful 1D update blogs that do a waaay better job then us at updating you. Two of my favorites are the5boysnews and direct-news. 

you can also feel free to pester me for info on my personal because I am much more likely to see it there instead of here. it’s ky-lea.tumblr.com 

anyway, thanks for sticking with us everyone!


I WANT TO MEET HARRY STYLES. I just want a selfie with the guy, that is like my ultimate resolution this year. They are coming to phx and I am going to their concert. It starts at 7pm. How early should I show up to get a chance to catch him? — Anonymous

I would go extra early of I were you , probably about 3-4ish. There is a really slim chance to meet them outside a venue now because they’ve gotten so popular.
- Kirsten x

is one direction on facebook and if they are why don't they reply — Anonymous

They probably have their old profiles from before X factor, but they have all changed the names to random things. I remember I saw Nialls and it was the most random page, I don’t even know if they use them anymore. If you do manage to find it, I would guess they wouldn’t respond, but you never know! -Mason xx

What happened to just can't let her go? Haha I liked that song and wanted to hear the whole thing! It's good!! — Anonymous

I guess it just didn’t make it to the album! It was probably one of many tracks made but not released. I know, me too! -Mason xx

Are the boys going back to LA next week for the xfactor finals? — Anonymous

No, they pre recorded their for the finals performance the last time they were in LA. -Mason xx

The reason there are thousands of tickets on stubhub is because a lot of people buy the tickets to sell for more. Even the day of the concert there will be a lot of tickets on sale. I suggest you buy your ticket the day of the concert or the day before, because prices go down since the seller wants to sell because they will be stuck with them if they don't. If there is an issue you can report it on the website. Stubhub is a website made for people to sell there already bought tickets. — perla-del-rey

There you go! Thank you! -Mason xx